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FIFA’s Former Presidential Candidate Bin Hammam Won His Case Against a Life Ban From Football

Mohamed bin Hammam,Former FIFA presidential candidate won his case against a life ban from soccer on Thursday for allegedly bribing voters during his challenge to Sepp Blatter. “It is a situation of ‘case not proven,’ coupled with concern on the part of the Panel that the FIFA investigation was not complete or comprehensive enough to fill the gaps in the record,” sport’s highest court said in a statement.Bin Hammam’s victory at CAS will only partly restore his shattered reputation.The panel, which was split 2-1 in his favor, “is not making any sort of affirmative finding of innocence in relation to Mr. Bin Hammam,”. At an election campaign rally in May 2011 the court said. “It is more likely than not that Mr. Bin Hammam was the source of the monies that were brought into Trinidad and Tobago” .

Image from CBS News
Image from CBS News

FIFA got evidence from Caribbean whistleblowers who said they were offered $40,000 (S$50,300)  cash bribes during the 63-year-old Qatari’s electioneering visit. But Mohamed bin Hammam has denied such claim and telling  Blatter helped orchestrate a scandal to guarantee his election victory a few weeks later. Bin Hammam faces new charges of bribery at the Asian Football Confederation, which claimed this week that its president’s financial management was revealed in a forensic audit of the governing body’s accounts.FIFA responded to the CAS verdict “with concern”, saying  to re-examine the case it will ask its newly appointed independent prosecutor Michael J. Garcia. FIFA said in a statement,”The FIFA Ethics Committee will then decide based on the reports and evidence presented to it if any action is required to be taken against Mohamed bin Hammam,””This is to be fair to the man,” al-Sarkal, who is a member of the AFC’s executive board, told The Associated Press. “He has gone through enough of allegations and accusations. It’s not fair for an individual who has served football in the right way.”

Bin Hammam has represented Asia on FIFA’s executive committee since 1996. He was elected AFC president in 2002, and was serving his final four-year mandate when the FIFA election scandal rocked soccer.