In the club world, there is so many clubs on different countries. But some of top clubs of top countries are so much popular and make a competitive, excellent tournament. Now there is some of the countries England, Spain, Italy and other Europian country and their clubs are so much popular. We will discuss about the top clubs are playing well and have so much fans.

The list of clubs who are contributing on Barclays Premier League, Liga BBVA, UEFA Champions League, Italian Serie A etc. are given below.

The Top Clubs are:

Arsenal F.C.England
Chelsea F.C.England
Liverpool F.C.England
Manchester City F.C.England
Manchester United F.C.England
Tottenham Hotspur F.C.England
FC BarcelonaSpain
Real Madrid C.F.Spain
Juventus F.C.Italy
A.C. MilanItaly
Inter MilanItaly

There have so many other clubs. But this are the top recent football clubs in the soccer world.

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